Going solo

Gigaom shut down March 9th. With it went my main freelance gig. For a while I’ve thought of just opening my own site, but the reality of freelance writing is not unlike the cobbler’s children: If I was going to write about a topic, I wanted to get paid for it. If it was a topic I wouldn’t get paid for, I wrote a topic I would get paid for.

As a result, my personal site languished. I never wrote there because articles would just end up on Gigaom. Last December I started thinking about a different home for my writing. A Plan B if Gigaom ended. It happened sooner than I thought.

I thought The Casual Techie was a good way of describing what I wrote about. If you look through my author archives on Gigaom, you’ll see that most of the time I wrote about topics that appeal to a broad range users, typically about how to use your devices better, or new products I tested that I think are notable. That trend will continue on this site.

There are a few other topics I will now be able to cover as well. Gigaom pretty much avoided product and app reviews. I will be reviewing products here. See the about page for a link to my email if you’d like me to review your product. I also love creating music, so expect a posts about using technology to make music.

Welcome to my new home. I hope you stick around for the ride.