My predictions for today's "Let's Rock" Event

Obviously, we are going to see new iPods, but I’m going out on a limb and think the Classic form might be retired in favor of the Touch model. The Touch will go to 64g. New Nanos with a larger screen too.

I also think we’ll see a new iLife with improvements to Garageband. I’m 50/50 on a new iWork; a part of me thinks we’ll see that at Macworld, but since the 08 version got rolled out at last September’s showcase, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw an update today.

What I’m hoping for is firmware 2.1 for the iPhone.


Testing Scrippets

Not sure if I’ll ever use this, but testing the Scrippets plug in

[scrippet] INT. HOUSE – DAY

MARY yells across the hall to FRANK.

MARY Anything you want to tell me?

I swear, honey, I don’t know how mayonnaise got in the piano.



running out of the bathroom.

There are bees in the toliet! [/scrippet]