R.I.P Ted

Still trying to sort out my feelings on his death. Massachusetts has lost a staunch ally, and also a man with great personal demons.

 He cared about his people, though. However, I still don’t like one of his last acts was to repeal a law forbidding the Governor from naming a replacement. When the law was passed, we had a republican governor and Kerry was running for pres. Now that it’s a democratic governor, Kennedy wants it repealed. Of course, he’s the one who was pushing the initial change. Also, his big concern was we’d be without representation, but he’s been gone for most of illness.

 However, it is a sad day for the Commonwealth.

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New Beejive IM iPhone App Update

I was going to write this up for TAB but decided it wasn’t worth it. However, the latest Beejive IM update increases the amount of time you can stay logged in from 24 hours to 7 days. The ability to stay logged in for over 24 hours was one of the few things I liked about IM+, so it’s great to see that in Beejive.

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