Five features I wish were in iPhone 3.0

While the introduction of cut-and-paste makes its much-vaunted appearance in 3.0, and we, as a nation can get on with the healing, there are five features I wish were joining it.

1. Connect to multiple Exchange servers. I use Google Sync (which uses ActiveSync) to to view my calendar and contact on my iPhone. I’d be nice to also connect to my work Exchange server. Which brings me to gripe number two.

2. Be able to connect to multiple calendar sources. Even if I could connect to two Exchange servers, for me the most crucial part is my work calendar — it’d be nice to be able to look up my meetings for a given day when scheduling a follow-up appointment at a doctor’s office. Connecting to Outlook Web Access on the iPhone is a horrid experience.

3. Over-the-Air syncing. My iPhone has bluetooth. My MacBook has bluetooth. Logic would dictate I can pair the two devices and sync, right? Well, I guess logic would also dictate it wouldn’t take Apple three iPhone revisions to introduce cut-n-paste. I guess we’ll see non-tethered syncing show up sometime around iPhone 7.

4. “Tagging” apps and building pages built on those tags. It’d be nice to call the second page of apps “games” and tag an app as a game and have it appear there automatically. If this also came across as part of a restore, it’d save me having to rebuild the pages manually.

5. Task syncing. Well, like cut-n-paste, it took them three revisions to get Notes to sync to the desktop. Really, Apple, we can’t sync iCal tasks yet? I don’t get this one at all.

How about you? What are you bummed isn’t in 3.0?