Why I’m ordering the Apple Watch

As much as I love Apple tech, I was originally not planning on buying a Watch. Some of this was related to the loss of Gigaom; the loss of that income also meant the loss of my general tech splurge fund. I also wasn’t sure what use the Watch would have in my life. Sure, the notifications are nice, but I’m working on trying to not look at them when I’m being social, so the Watch often seems the same end result with a different means to that end.

Then I read Peter Cohen’s article in this month’s Loop Magazine. Like Peter, I need to eliminate a ton of weight. I read how he will use the watch to track fitness stuff and that struck a chord with me. Sure, I could get a cheaper Fitbit, or just track the information by hand. I like raw data collected from a trusted source. A watch telling me I burned this many calories and walked a specific amount of steps is better than me guessing what it is and eliminates me being overly generous. “Sure,” I’d say. That leisurely stroll to the mailbox was a quarter-mile, high-impact run.”

I also make sure every 30 min or so I get up and make a lap of the building I work at. However, I usually keep my iPhone on my desk and forget to grab it when I take my stroll. My goal with the watch is to keep it on my wrist as often as possible. I want credit for every flight of stairs at home, every step I take (every breath you take), and all that good vital sign data.