OS X 10.5.2 comes out on the negative side for me

Bugs/Issues I had with OS X 10.5

Mail: Often my IMAP mailbox shows as empty. Also, Smart Mailboxes often show duplicate entries for my inbox. One with “Inbox-writersmark” as the source; one with just “Inbox”

Automator: Unable to accept text inputs when a workflow is run as a Finder action. The best example is I have an action to rename photos from DSCxxxx to boston-august-XXX. This is a known bug.

System Preferences: My Expose shortcuts get blanked, forcing me to re-enter the F9, F10, F11, and F12 shortcuts.

When you get down to it, those are the three major bugs/issues I have with Leopard. None of them are that bad and I can work around them.

OS X 10.5.2 comes along, and it’s supposed to be the mother of all patches. So, let’s see how I faired.

Mail Bugs fixed: Zero. Mailbox behavior is the same.
Automator bugs fixed: One. Text input when run as a finder action works fine.
System Preferences Bugs fixed: 0/1
New Bugs introduced: Macbook drops Wireless connection frequently when on battery. Now, I didn’t have this problem before, but a lot of people did. Now, I’ve got it.

So, here’s my scorecard on 10.5.2.

Existing issues fixed: 1/4.
New issues introduced: 1

Now, math wise it’s a wash–one got fixed, one got added. Except it’s hard to work around the wifi drops when on battery, except to always make sure I’m near a power source when I’m on battery.