The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: The Real Deal Behind The Reality Distortion Field | Cult of Mac

I found this article on Cult of Mac about Jobs’s presentation style. I’m a presentation junkie,, and having to give quite a bit of them at work for ISO, I often try and follow Jobs’s simple, to the point style.

My predictions for today's event

– Apple will announce the oft-rumored Yellow Submarine iPod, but it will come preloaded with Gregorian Chants covers of Beatles songs.

 – The iPod Classic will not be discontinued, but will be renamed the “Why on earth do you need to carry 120g of music with you?”

 – There will be an upgraded iPod Touch, and the Divinyls will introduce it by playing iTouch myself.

 – The “Its only rock and roll” title is a red herring. Instead, Apple will announce the publication of never-released Kenny G tracks.

 – Appearing with Jobs on stage will be Keith Richards and Steven Tyler in a sad attempt to make Jobs look healthier. Also, Phil Schiller will have gone on a high colonic fasting diet to weigh less than Jobs.

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