My iPad Purchase

So, today was iPad day, where we could blindly throw money at Apple for a product few of us have seen or touched, and only heard about through media briefings.

And, yet, there I was at 8:30 AM today clicking refresh on the Apple Store with a credit card in hand. While I’ve written about deciding on an iPad with the 3G connection or just wifi , in the end I chose the 64 Gb wifi. These are the factors that went into decision:

1: If I was going to settle, I was going to settle on the 3G not space. I plan on consuming a hell of a lot of media on this thing. I need 64 Gb more than I needed 3G.

2: Today I got a new iPhone 3G S. Since my data plan was going to jump a lot with this upgrade, I didn’t want it to jump even more.

3: My iPhone will be my “always with me” Internet device, making the need for an ipad 3G redundant.

4: I wanted it sooner than later. There are a few things happening in early April that an iPad would be damn handy for.

5: The iPad is also on AT&T. If I’m going to spring for a second data plan, I want it to be on a second carrier for a fail safe.