How I fared with 10.5.3

Ok, back in February I bitched out 10.5.3 for not fixing issues I had, and introducing new ones. Here’s the report card for 10.5.3

Old issues:
Mail Bugs fixed: Zero. Mailbox behavior is the same.
System Preferences Bugs fixed: 0/1
New Bugs introduced: Macbook drops Wireless connection frequently when on battery. Now, I didn’t have this problem before, but a lot of people did. Now, I’ve got it.

Ok, I applied the 10.5.3 upgrade and here goes:

Mail Bugs fixed: Zero. Mailbox behavior is the same. However, the two Gmail accounts also sync with don’t exhibit this issue; only my main e-mail account hosted on Dreamhost does.
System Preferences Bugs fixed: Expose forgetting key assignments mysteriously went away a while back. Dunno if some security fix patched it or what.
Macbook Wifi This problem seemed to only affect my Linksys router. Replacing the router solved it

Notable Fixes:

Improved Graphics Support: Second Life is a lot snappier.