Reader Request: Using EndNote with Pages 08

We at the compound were amazed when a comment popped into our moderation queue with an actual question, and not telling me how I can make my male member larger. So, we have our first Reader Request: How to use Endnote with Pages 08. I originally posted this in the Pages discussion forum on Apple’s website. I cleaned it up and added some screenshots for clarity as well as incorporated some comments by other posters.

This is not a completely clean process. To be frank, if you’re a student and need to write a lot of research papers you might be better ponying up the extra $70 to get Word (or, if you go through your school’s bookstore, the cost for Office is actually around $80) , where the 3rd party tools work 100%. Note: Word 2008 has built-in bibliography, and having used it for two papers I can attest it actually works quite well. There’s a caveat in that it only supports a smattering of formats: APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian (no, I don’t know what that last one is for, either).

I also don’t know how well this works with programs other than EndNote, and I’ll assume you’ve already built your database.

1- In Pages use the Research Paper template located under Reports. Adjust the style so it matches your professor’s requirements.

2- Write the paper and keep EndNote running in the background. When you need to cite a reference, Apple-tab over to EndNote, select the reference, then go back to Pages and go to the Pages menu, choose Services, EndNote, Insert Citation. The citation will appear like this: {Darmer, 2004 #5}. Don’t worry about the formatting. Use the built-in styles to format the body and block quotes.


Alternately, you can type in the name of the author, highlight it, and choose “Find Citations” from the same menu. That will let you do this step without leaving Pages.

3- When you are done, save the document as both a Pages document and an RTF file. I’d suggest being mostly done at this point–i.e. it’s all proofread and just needs the bibliography.

4- Open EndNote and go to the Tools menu, Format Paper, and choose Format Paper. This will open up a dialogue box where you will open the RTF file you’ve saved. It will verify the citations you’ve cited and create a new RTF file.

Endnote Xscreensnapz001-1

5- In Pages open up the newly created RTF file. You’ll notice all the nice styles are gone from the styles drawer. To get them back go to the Format Menu in Pages and choose Import Styles and choose the .pages doc you saved in Step 3. This will get back the Cited Works Syle.

6- Go to your cited works section, select the text, and apply the Cited Works style to auto format it. Make sure the rest of the document looks right. I also had to recreate the headers so you might want to copy that back over, too. Double-checking the formatting is probably the biggest pain of the process. Also, save this new version as a .pages doc, too.

Like I said earlier, if you need to write a lot of research papers you might want to just get the student version of Word. However, if you can’t afford it or just plain hate anything with the MS logo on it, you can create biblios in Pages at least with EndNote. If the other citation software work similar to EndNote, you might be able to use these steps.


Author: Mark Crump

A long-time Mac user, Mark has been writing about technology in some form for over ten years. Mark enjoys his Kool-Aid shaken, not stirred. He also believes the "it just works" slogan from the ads should have an asterisk: except when it refuses to. You can follow him on Twitter at His personal site is

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