Thoughts on the Jobsnote

After reading the feeds to last year’s Jobsnote I was disappointed. While I could see a use for Spaces and the new Dashcode, the only new feature I really was interested in was Time Machine. While Leopard was a must-get for me, it was more because eventually apps I use would be Leopard only, so there’s no way to put off the upgrade.

This years left me really looking forward to its release. Now, I’m more interested in features that’ll make me more productive, so the 3d dock, transparent menu bar and the like do little for me. But the new Finder–who, boyo, do I want that now. Will they take a check?

I’ve lost track of the times I need to see the revision date/number on a document, or just need a live preview without waiting for Word, Photoshop, Preview, Reader to load and have it be in a separate window. The Cover Flow feature, which basically brings the iTunes interface to the Finder, allows you to scroll through some decent-sized previews of files. I’m leery to use the word “thumbnail” since it’s larger than that. But the best feature is you can flip through the pages of a document this way. Need to see if that PDF is the one with the index, or not? Just flip through it.

Will Apple take a check? October can’t come soon enough.