Thoughts on the Jobsnote, August 7.

New iMacs: Look good and I like the form factor. Not sold on the keyboard, but I really like the MacBook keyboard so this may be a winner. Video card looks a little anemic.
iLife08: The Events feature looks great. If it also included Flickr uploading I’d stop by the Apple store on the way home.
iWork08: Glad to see Numbers, the spreadsheet, in there. While it handles track changes from Word I’m disappointed you need to import/export the Pages file from and to Word formats.

E-mail issues

For those who may have sent me e-mail over the last few days: You’re going to have to re-send it to me. Due to a failure at my now-old hosting provider, e-mail was not getting to me and wasn’t generating bounces either. That’s been resolved by switching hosts. For those who may have been here for the blog, I don’t plan on posting any of the old-blog entries; there just weren’t enough of them to matter.

The layout is a theme I cribbed of the ‘net. When time allows, I’ll be customizing a new one, but it will not be for a bit.